• Chillis That Make You Cry

    I’ve always carried a wide range of different chillies at Delilah, but have noticed a real surge in interest in recent months, often being asked what we have in, and how the flavours differ. But so often my answer is followed by “which is the...

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  • Olive Oil

    Not all Virgins are equal! It’s the time of year when new season Olive Oils start to be released, and we review our samples, selecting the oils we will range for the coming year. A good time then, to expand upon what for most is a niche subject...

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  • To Turkey or Not to Turkey

    Gobble, gobble, gobble for Christmas? As the Christmas Season ensues the phone calls from family begin, bombarded with pros and cons for where the family Christmas gathering should be, who is cooking Christmas dinner and most importantly what we...

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  • Parking Again

    What’s top of my Christmas list A few weeks ago I was asked for a quote for a food industry publication: if there is one thing that could help retailers in Nottingham City what is it? I didn’t even need to think.

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  • The Christmas Party

    Is the state of the Economy bringing out the Corporate Scrooge! I know. It’s too early to talk about Christmas. Sorry, but in this industry we’ve all had our heads filled with Christmas since well before the Summer Solstice!

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  • Gluten Free

    Gluten-intolerance growth, fact or fad? In the eight years of Delilah’s life, the request for Gluten free products has gone from once a month to at least once a day, is it me or is gluten-intolerance become an epidemic or just a fashion accessory?

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